Why should a client chose Petcare by Tess?


There are many reasons why Petcare By Tess should be your number one choice when looking for a pet sitter or dog walker. Some of the most important include:


  • We treat every client's pet as if they are my own (and our pets are spoiled rotten!)

  • We provide a professional service and have full insurance, and a national police check

  • We are flexible and work with our clients to tailor a custom solution to their requirements

  • We have been pet sitting for several years and have great testimonials and references from happy clients

  • We provide detailed forms to ensure we have all the information required to keep your pets happy and safe

  • Our pricing is very reasonable



What makes you the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?


Petcare by Tess is a registered business, fully insured and police checked. We are a professional pet sitting service, which means we won't forget to feed your pet because we were engrossed in a video game, or decide not to bother because it's raining.


We know that our continued success relies on great reviews from our clients, and positive word of mouth. We have been looking after pets for about 4 years now and our clients keep on booking us because they know they can trust us to look after their pets as if they were our own.


Most importantly - we love animals! So we will do everything in our power to ensure that your animals are safe, healthy and happy while they are in our care.



Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your service?


Petcare by Tess is fully insured and also has a current police check. Every pet is treated like it is our own while it is under our care and I guarantee that you can trust and rely on us to look after your precious pets.


With any new client an initial meet and greet is arranged before you go away so you can meet us, go over your requirements, and see how we interact with your animals. We welcome your phone calls or text messages while you are away and go out of our way to accommodate any last minute changes or requests.


We have a range of excellent testimonials available on my website, and can provide contact details if you would like to speak to some of our previous clients.



What makes your pricing competitive?


The pricing that Petcare by Tess has in place is very competitive compared to other pet sitting services, and especially compared to traditional pet boarding kennels. This becomes even more apparent if you have more than one pet that needs looking after.


Petcare by Tess charges per visit, not per pet so if you have 3 dogs instead of 1, you won't pay any extra. When there are more than 5 pets in a home, the price increases slightly due to the longer visit that will be required to ensure they are all looked after and loved but we feel that even with more than 5 pets, you will be hard pressed to find a better value professional pet sitting service.



How much do you charge for your service?

Petcare by Tess offers a number of different services to meet the needs of different clients. On an average visit we will spend about 30 minutes with your pets which allows us to feed and water them, take them for a short walk and spend sometime making sure they still feel loved while their family is away. If you require a longer visit, to include a longer walk for instance, just let us know and we can adjust our service to you needs.


The following basic pricing applies to a standard length visit, with less than 5 pets, within our normal service area. We have a full range of pricing available on our website, or you can email us for an individual quote.


Once Daily Visit - $25.00

Twice Daily Visit - $45.00

Overnight Stay - $60.00



Frequently Asked Questions


We want our clients to feel comfortable and secure about leaving their precious pets, and their homes, in our care while they are away. To help you get to know us a little better, and to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, we have compiled all the information you could need here on this FAQ page. Of course, if you still  have a question, feel free to send us an email!

Do you have a favourite type of pet you like to look after?

It is hard to choose a favorite - every pet is so unique and every pet is wonderful. My role as a pet sitter means that every pet I see is super excited to see me. Dogs do zoomies, bark and wag their tales, and the cats meow imperiously and demand their dinner.


You get smoochy cats, Great Danes that want to sit in your lap, and staffies who just want to chase their ball for hours. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when everyone is so happy to see you!


Some of my favorite bookings are with pets that are shy or anxious, or who take a little while to warm up to you. It is so rewarding when they finally let down their defenses and come to have a cuddle.



What do you like most about being a pet sitter?


The best thing about being a pet sitter is obviously meeting new and wonderful pets everyday! At one stage I was living in rental accommodation which didn't allow pets and the furry contact time I got with the pets I looked after helped to fill that hole in my life.


Now I have 2 spoiled staffy pups at home, but I still love to meet new animals with every new client. Every animal has their own unique character and, with my long term clients in particular, it's like catching up with friends every time I get to look after them again.


Another great thing about being a pet sitter is the lovely people you meet. Talking about pets is one of my favorite topics of conversation, and it's great to see the love and devotion my clients have for their pets.



Why did you start a pet sitting service?


Growing up on acreage with dogs, cats, horses and chickens, it was always a challenge for the family to be able to go away on holiday. We often enlisted the help of neighbors but with our menagerie it was quite a big job and we didn't like to impose.


With so many animals it would have been unaffordable to put them all in kennels (and i'm not sure the horses would have fit!) It was clear that there was a need for an affordable, in-home service that could look after our animals to our exacting requirements, and be reliable and trustworthy enough that we could holiday without stress.


When I got a bit older and needed to earn a bit of pocket money to travel, I put that idea into action. I have been pet sitting for about 4 years now and during that time have worked to make my service as professional and reputable as possible.


I love animals so it is a perfect fit for me. I still have a 'day job' but my dream is to one day be able to work with animals full time.



Is there a particular aspect of pet sitting that you specialise in?


One of the things that set us apart from other pet sitters is our experience with a wide range of animals. Petcare by Tess doesn't only offer pet sitting for dogs and cats - we can also take excellent care of your horses, pigs, fish, turtles or birds! We know that it is very important that you feel confident that your pet sitter is competent and well equip to look after your treasured pets to your own high standard of care.


We find that horse owners, in particular, are looking for someone with the experience and confidence they can trust with their horses. Look no further! We have owned and handled horses from a young age and can confidently feed, rug, and handle your horse whether they are a gentleman in the paddock, or a cranky so-and-so who rules the roost.


We also get enquiries from some dog owners who are concerned that we may be unwilling to look after their Rottweiler / German Shepherd / Bull Arab / Ridgeback or Bull Terrier. We love big dogs and we have no prejudice against bull breed dogs either. If your dog is aggressive or has an attitude problem let us know, otherwise we will treat your horse sized pup as the big softy it is.



What do you need to know to provide a quote?


There is some key information that we will need to know to be able to provide an accurate quote for new clients. This includes:


  • Where the client is located

  • What are the dates they would like to book a pet sitter

  • How many pets do they have How many visits a day are required

  • Are there any special requirements that will need to be met eg long walks or visits required at a certain time of day

  • Any other important information such as escape artist dogs or pets with aggression or anxiety issues.



What should pet owners do before they go on holiday?

The single most important thing to do before you go on holiday is ... ensure that your yard is secure!


One of the worst things that could happen while you are away is for your pet to escape their yard. In the best case scenario, your pet will be found unharmed and held at the local pound. To get your pet back will require your pet sitter to pay a fee, which will then be passed on to you. The amount will depend on how many times the pet has escaped in the past, how long the pet is held before it is located by your sitter, whether the pet is registered with your council etc etc.


Before you go away, make sure your fences are secure, your gates are secure and preferably locked, your pet's microchip details are up to date and you have an identification tag on your pet. Let your pet sitter know of any escape artist tendencies, vindictive ex's or custody issues so that they can be prepared. The last thing anyone wants is for your pets to escape and get hurt, so this is an important step to take before you go on holiday.


Some other important things to do include:


  • Ensure that you have left enough food for the duration of your booking

  • With old or unwell pets it is a good idea to get your vet to check them over before you go away, especially for long bookings

  • While you are at the vet, inform them that a pet sitter will be looking after your pets

  • Consider leaving your credit card details with your vet in case of an emergency

  • Fill out the forms your pet sitter has provided taking extra care with contact details.

  • Make sure you and your sitter both have the correct dates for your booking, and ensure that any keys the sitter will be using work correctly.

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