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We have developed a range of detailed and comprehensive forms to help us look after your pets to the highest standard. Your pet sitter will provide you with these forms during your free introductory meeting, but you can download additional copies here if required. Remember, the more information you give us and the more accurate you are, the better. Contact numbers, health and vet information, and any behavioural issues are all very important.

Contact Information

This form record important details suchs as contact phone numbers and addresss. It is important you include a suitable alternate contact in case your sitter is unable to get in contact with you in the case of an emergency. This is especially true if you are going overseas, or holidaying in an area we poor phone reception.


Download Contact Information Form

Home Guide

This form provides us with information about your home, where things are kept, and informs us of any little quirks the house may have... such as mysteriously locking doors etc. This is particularly useful for overnight bookings where your pet sitter will be staying at your home. Leave as much detail as you think is necessary.


Download Home Guide Form

Pet Information

This form provides us with important details about the pets we will be looking after. Please complete one form for each pet. It is up to you how much detail you provide but please include any important details such as escape artidt tendancies, medication requirements or concerns about food agression etc. The more information we have the better - for instance, listing microchip numbers could help us retrieve your pet from a pound if it escaped and was impounded.


Download Pet Information Form

Vet Release

This form is required in the unlikely event that something happens to your pets while you are away. Coupled with the details provided in the Pet Information form, this allows us to take your pets to the correct vet, and follow your instructions in an emergency. Of course, every effort is made to contact you immediately if anything goes wrong, however this information is a backup in case we can't get hold of you or your alternate contact.


Download Vet Release Form

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