Option 1 - Daily Visits


The first option I offer is a Drop-in Visit arrangement. In this situation, I drop by your house daily to feed, water and pamper your pets, along with whatever else needs to be done on a daily basis. You can choose whether one or two visits a day is appropriate in your situation.


This option is a good choice if you have animals which will not be bothered by a lack of human company for the majority of the time, or for animals such as horses or other livestock which may only need feeding once a day, and then are happy to entertain themselves.


Option 2 - In Home Stay


The second option I offer is an In-Home stay. You can choose for me to stay in your home for the duration of your holiday - I am responsible and reliable, and will look after your home with the same care I would show my own.


This option gives you the added benefits of having your mail collected, your house plants watered and increased security for your home through a having a visible caretaker on site while you are away. This option also ensures that your pets' routines stay as close to normal as possible.


This option is generally a good option if you have pets who are used to lots of human contact and affection, young or old pets who need more thorough monitoring, or if you want your home to appear lived in.


Option 3 - Dog Walking


I am also available for Dog Walking, either as a part of your pet sitting booking, or seperately. This is a great option for clients who are time poor, injured, or uncomfortable walking their dogs. Taking your dog for a walk provides them with much need excercise, as well as the opportunity to experience new sights, sounds and smells outside of their own yards. Walking your dog can help reduce a whole range of nuisance behaviours, and is particularly important for dog with working breed backgrounds.


I can walk up to 2 of your dogs at a time, and am happy to incorporate your desired handling techniques to reinforce the training you are doing with your dog. I can follow your desired routes, and am happy to take your dog to off leash parks, if suitable for the temperment of your dog. Any socialisation with other dogs or off leash excercise will require the owners consent.


Please contact me by email for a quote.



My Logan based pet sitting service is aimed at keeping all your pets comfortable, happy and healthy in their own home, minimizing any disruption in their routine. Guilt trips on holiday will be a thing of the past!


There are a couple of options to choose from when you consider hiring me to look after your pets - whichever option you choose is completely up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. I am happy to discuss this with you to help you decide.


All options include an initial meeting to greet you and all your pets, and to discuss their individual needs, likes and dislikes. Feel free to give me as much information as you like - I am very good at following instructions, and committed to maintaining a normal routine while you are away.

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